The process of completing an order includes four small steps:
1. User login – enter your code and password.
2. Product summary – confirm or modify the shipping address of the order.
3. Payment method (paypal) or purchase via bank transfer.
4. Summary & Order Confirmation – you will see a summary of the data and confirmation of the order.

you can get the midi files directly to your email by paying in the following ways by sending the song titles from the list section to my email :

A) All these products can be purchased using Paypal or via bank transfer :

or pay by Bank transfer.

B) When the payment is completed your midi songs will be automatically delivered to the personal email you have provided during the registration process so that you can download them to your PC simply and fast.

Thank you for submitting the form, we are sending you a download link to the email address provided.
If you do not receive the message, please check the junk mail.

Choose the files you are interested in and of course you are under no obligation to order a specific number of them.

Each song costs 2 euros.

Have fun listening to your files!